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CIFS locks

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Clearing CIFS locks

If you have a file hosted on a filer that is held open by another user that you can't delete (ie you try to delete a file as Administrator, but the error tells you that the file is in use by another user):

  • Go to Computer Management console (right click "My Computer", select "Manage"; XP users Administrative Tools -> Computer Management) and then connect the console to the filer in question.
  • Expand the "Shared Folders" (XP: System Tools -> Shared Folders)
  • Select "Open Files"
  • Select the opened files that you want to break the locks
  • Select "Close open files" from the right-click menu to release the locks
Now you can delete (or overwrite) the file.

Notes from NetApp:

  1. You must be a member of the Administrators or Power Users group to use Shared Folders
  2. "Open Files" folder contains the following information about all the open/locked files on the computer:
  • Open File:
    Lists the names of open files. An open file could be a file, a named pipe, a print job in a print spooler, or a resource of an unrecognized type. In some cases, a print job is shown here as an open named pipe.
  • Accessed By
    The name of the user who has opened the file or accessed the resource.
  • Type:
    The type of network connection: Windows, NetWare, or Macintosh.
  • # Locks
    Displays the number of locks on the resource.
  • Open Mode:
    Displays the permission that was granted when the resource was opened.
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