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Filer-to-Filer ndmpcopy

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Filer-to-Filer ndmpcopy

My working example was to ndmpcopy between two filers, one running OnTap 6.5.5 and one running OnTap

The command:

# rsh filer7251 ndmpcopy -l 0 -sa root:'password' -da root:'password' -st text filer655:/vol/vol0/home /vol/vol1/home


  • the -st text was required for it to work for me, from this I conclude that md5 is the default in and not supported in 6.5.5 at all.
  • 'password' surrounded in single quotes because of special characters.
  • When running against an 850GB tree, it seemed to take a long time chewing before any actual data got passed (ie 75 minutes or so); probably indexing on the source side. CPU usage on the source filer was elevated during this window, but network traffic was negligible. Total transfer time was in excess of 25 hours.
I don't know if it will work going the other way (ie running the ndmpcopy command on the 6.5.5 side).
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