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SSH Public Key Access

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Enabling Public-Key SSH Access On A NetApp Filer

On the Netapp Storage System Root Volume:

  • mount /vol/vol0 on the Host machine
  • cd to etc on netapp, further cd sshd/root/.ssh if not exists create it
  • in NetApp Storage System go to /etc/sshd/root/.ssh copy public key generated on the monitoring host here with authorized_keys name, make sure it has 600 root permissions as well as .ssh directory
On the Netapp Storage System console
  • Run the Secure Admin Setup using the command secureadmin setup ssh Setup will now generate the host keys. It will take a minute. After Setup is finished the SSH server will start automatically.
  • make sure that ssh option on Netapp "ssh.pubkey_auth.enable" is on
You should now be able to ssh root@filer
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