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pcap to netflow

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I have a pile of pcap files that I want to generate netflow files for.


nfdump comes with a suitable utility.

$ for i in `ls $CAPS | sort -V ` ; do 
  echo ">> $i" | tee -a nfpcapd.log
  nfpcapd -e 60,60 -r $CAPS/$i -l . 2>> nfpcapd.log

This took about 15 minutes to chew through 200G of pcap files on my tap machine.

Something slightly more robust. This script:

  • can handle "cap.dmp###" files that are in different directories and sorts/processes them by age
  • can be re-run on the same dataset and won't process cap.dmp files already processed
  • excludes the last file in the list of cap.dmp files on the theory that there is probably a tcpdump currently writing to it

OIFS="$IFS" IFS=$'\n' touch .nfpcaps for i in `find /home/capture -type f -name 'cap.dmp*' -printf "%T@ %p\n" | sort -n | head -n -1 | sed -E -e 's/^[0-9\.]+ //' ` ; do echo ">> $i" | tee -a nfpcapd.log grep -q "$i$" .nfpcaps if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then echo "skipping" | tee -a nfpcapd.log else echo "$i" >> .nfpcaps nfpcapd -e 60,60 -r "$i" -l . 2>> nfpcapd.log fi done IFS=$OIFS

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