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Tricks with ps

Process time and excluding particular users:

$ ps -eo pid,cputime,user,args | egrep -v 'root|daemon|smmsp|ntp'
pidprocess id 
cputimeaccumulated CPU timehh:mm:ss
userwho owns the process 
argscommand + argumentslong invocations get truncated

An easy way to get ps to tell you what the size of a target process:

$ ps -eo pid,size,rss,vsz,pmem,args | grep process
sizememory sizein kilobytes
rssResident Set Size 
vsztotal VM sizein bytes
pmempercentage memory usenot really useful unless you are chasing a low memory situation

When piping ps output, sometimes it gets truncated (for example, when we grep). To avoid:

$ ps -ef --columns=999
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