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Send Feedback To Dave

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Send Feedback To Dave

For various reasons, the commenting facility on the wiki is turned off. Similarly the comment facilities on the blogspot blogs is turned off, although for >>different reasons. (Or you could read even More On Comments.)

So you might not be able to tell me something you want to.

If you want to send me feedback and/or comment on anything you see here, feel free to send email to:

Keep in mind that everything sent to this address may be used in future posts. Of course, it could be roundly ignored; however, this constitutes fair warning: if you don't want it published, don't send it to me.

Note that since is already being fraudulently used as envelope header information for spam, I'm currently eating between 50-100 postmaster reports (plus my usual load of 100 or so pure spam) every day; so having this email out in public isn't likely to make things any worse.

If you have the urge to abuse me in person, I am usually on IRC; I'm xdroop on >>mWtNet, lurking usually in #sporks and #ncr. Direct message me and say your piece, I'll get back to you.

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