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snipsnap bugs

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Reported bugs

There are no bugs. Well, maybe one or two.

I've personally reported these ones:

>>2140.5aCode macro unexpectedly evaluting #Fixed in 0.5.2a 
>>2940.5.2aSetup items and text displayed as ???config.step.users???Open
Probably an Idiot User problem
Not present in virgin 0.5.2a install, it must be a data migration issue. Exporting data from broken instance and then importing into virgin instance eliminates the problem.
>>2950.5.2aIndex does not display all snipsOpenNamespace issue.
>>3090.5.2anamespace case-sensitivity is ambiguousMarked as open, listed as fixed in 1.0b1-uttoxeter-20040914, but still brokenLive Test: >>namespaceExample. This has been diagnosed as a problem with {snip-tree:}.
>>3641.0b1-uttoxeterText stream URLs which include brackets are not converted into correct hyperlinksOpen 
>>3951.0b1-uttoxeterTriple Periods Inappropriately Changed To Elipse In Code BlockOpenSee Code Elipse Test
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