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snipsnap operation

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Operating Snipsnap in

Snipsnap is installed in /home/snipsnap/$version. Minor versions are copied to the next version ID, then have the new code expanded over them; major versions go through the export/import farce. (This has happened only once, from 0.3.3a to 0.5a -- and the exported data needed hand-hacking.)

Active version trace:

  • 0.3.3a
  • 0.5a
  • 0.5.2a
Other versions are stale and/or broken in some way I found critical.

Running It

Snipsnap is currently to be run on jupiter.

Select the active version by editing setActive. Note that the latest version (almost) always has the latest version of the data (see the Active Version Trace, above).

Start the program by becoming the snipsnap user, then run runActive.

Stop the program by becoming the snipsnap user, then run stopActive.

For some reason, solaris was unable to su to snipsnap before initiating the program. I have not tried on Linux yet.

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