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Ooh, might want to see the original: >> (but this might migrate forward as they add features and we stay static.... hmmm.)

Text formatting rules

>>SnipSnap text may contain the following filter rules and macros to format text. This includes simple filters for bold and italic as well as special macros for tables and source code.

Simple text filters

1 Title a style 1 heading (major heading)
1.1 Title a style 1.1 heading (minor heading)
- text a list item (with -), several lines create a single list
* text a list item (with *)
1. text an enumerated list
a. text alphabetical enumerated list
A. text uppercase alphabetical enumerated list
i. text roman enumerated list
I. text uppercase roman enumerated list
g. text greek enumerated list
h. text hiragana (japanese) enumerated list
k. text katakana (japanese) enumerated list
j. text hebrew enumerated list
__bold__boldsimple bold text
~~italics~~italicssimple italic text
--strike--strikestrike through text
(empty line) produces a new paragraph
\\ creates a line break, please use sparingly!
[start]startinternal link to another document>> a link to an external resource, special characters that come after the URL and are not part of it must be separated with a space.
\XXescape special character X (i.e. {)

Available Macros

anchor1: anchor text
Places a HTML anchor tag in the snip.
api1: class name, e.g. java.lang.Object or java.lang.Object@Java131
2: mode, e.g. Java12, Ruby, defaults to Java" (optional)
Generates links to Java or Ruby API documentation.
api-docsNo Parameters.Displays a list of known online API documentations and mappings.
asin1: ASIN number of the DVD or CD
Generates links to DVD/CD dealers or comparison services. Configuration is read from conf/asinservices.txt.
backlinksRenders a list of backlinks for the snip.
Renders a list of backlinks for the snip.
calendarNo Parameters.Displays a monthly calendar view with links to postings.
code1: syntax highlighter to use, defaults to java (optional)
Displays a chunk of code with syntax highlighting, for example Java, XML and SQL. The none type will do nothing and is useful for unknown code types.
field1: name of the input field
2: initial value of the input field (optional)
3: target of the link (optional)
4: button text (creates a button) (optional)
Display a form input field and submit button.
file-path1: a Windows or UNIX file path
Displays a file system path. The file path should use slashes. Defaults to Windows.
graph1: Graph-Type (horizontal, vertical, mindmap, explorer, uml)
Render a graph like an organigram or mindmap.
hello1: name to print
Say hello example macro.
htmlNo Parameters.
imageimg: URL (must have external images enabled) oder name des attachments
alt: alternative text (optional)
ext: extension of the image, if omitted in "img" (optional)
align: alignment of the image (left, right, flow-left, flow-right) (optional)
target: links image to the target (optional)
Displays an image file.
index1: Lister to render snips (optional)
Displays a list of all snips of the system. Comment snips are filtered out.
inter-wikiNo Parameters.Displays a list of known InterWiki mappings.
isbn1: ISBN number of a book or magazine
Generates links to book dealers or comparison services. Configuration is read from conf/bookservices.txt.
label-searchtype: Lister to render found snips (AtoZ, Vertical, Simple)
name: Name of a Label to search for
value: Value of the label too look for
Show all snips that have a certain label.
last-login1: login name
Show the last login of the user.
last-visit1: login name
Show the last login of the user.
link1: The text to appear as a link (optional)
2: The URL to generate a hyperlink to
3: none if the external link image should not appear (optional)
Generate a weblink.
list-of-macrosNo Parameters.Displays a list of available macros.
list-of-users1: type of listing (Vertical, AtoZ) (optional)
2: "nosize" ignores size of list (optional)
Display a list of all users.
loginsDisplays all currently logged in users and guests.
Displays all currently logged in users and guests.
mailto1: an Email address
Displays an email address.
note1: the text of the footnote
Render a footnote.
online-timeNo Parameters.Displays the time since SnipSnap is online.
quote1: source text (optional)
2: displayed description (default is "Source") (optional)
Display quotations.
recent-changes1: number of snips to show, defaults to 10 (optional)
2: Lister to render users (Vertical, AtoZ ...) (optional)
Displays a list of recently changes snips.
recent-weblog1: Lister to render weblogs (optional)
2: number of weblogs to show, defaults to 10 (optional)
Shows a list of recently changed weblogs. Only works if weblogs ping your site.
rfc1: the RFC number to link to
Generates links to RFCs.
search1: search term to look up
2: number of hits to show, defaults to 10 (optional)
Search for snips containing the phrase or term specified.
since-last-visit1: login name
2: Lister to render snips (Vertical, AtoZ) (optional)
Show all snips that have been changed since the last visit of the user.
snip-countNo Parameters.Display the number of snips.
snip-count-by-user1: a login name
Display the number of snips an user wrote.
snip-tree1: the namespace to start with
Displays a tree view of a name space.
snip-xref1: snip that is referenced
2: number of hits to show, defaults to 10 (optional)
Search for snips linking to the given snip.
sniplinks1: the width of the sniplink table (optional)
Renders a table of sniplinks for the snip.
snips-by-hotness1: number of snips to show, defaults to 10 (optional)
Displays a list of snips sorted by their "hotness" (view count).
snips-by-user1: a login name
Show all snips created by a specified user.
tableNo Parameters.Displays a table.
user-countNo Parameters.Display the number of users.
versionNo Parameters.Display the SnipSnap version number.
weblog1: amount of posts to show (optional)
Renders the sub-snips from the namespace as a weblog.
xref1: class name, e.g. java.lang.Object or java.lang.Object@Nanning"
2: line number (optional)
Generates links to Java Xref source code.
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