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Sample snmpd.conf for cacti use

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A sample snmpd.conf suitable for letting a remote system run cacti

syslocation System Location
#   source          community (password) 
com2sec Mybox     localhost          public 
com2sec cacti     <you ip>     public 
com2sec Outside   default            public 
# sec.model 
group   RWGroup    v2c       Mybox 
group   ROGroup    v1        cacti 
group   ROGroup    v2c       cacti 
group   Others     v2c       Outside 
view all     included  .1        80 
view system  included  system    fe 
#              context sec.model sec.level prefix  read    write  notif 
access  ROGroup   ""      any    noauth    exact   all     none   none 
access  RWGroup   ""      v2c    noauth    exact   all     all    all 
access  Others    ""      v2c    noauth    exact   system  none   all


Bare minimum:

syslocation MyLocation
syscontact syscon@mydomain
rocommunity public
includeAllDisks 1

NOTE: no security. Enjoy!

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