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Snort Alert Log Parser

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A simple snort alert log parser

This script presumes that the alert log has been rotated and compressed. I run it out of /etc/cron.daily after the logcheck and logrotation scripts have run.

If you want to exclude low-frequency events, change the 0 in the awk expression to a threshold (ie 20).

# This file runs post-rotation
# It lists the events by frequency
# man sort and man uniq to see what the flags do :)

FILE=/var/log/snort/alert.1.gz ( LINES=`zcat $FILE | wc -l` zcat $FILE | sort -k 4 | uniq -s 21 -c -d | awk '$1 > 0 {print $0,"n"}' | sort -nr echo echo $FILE information: ls -l $FILE echo $LINES lines considered ) | mail -s "Snort report" root

(Based on >>this.)

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