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SnipSnap update

Installed SnipSnap 0.5a because it was released recently. However there appear to be problems with the Java installed on Apollo, so I installed the JSE 1.4.2 for Linux on Jupiter (which, through the magic of a nfs-mounted /usr/local, means that all Linux systems can now see it). I'm running it on Jupiter but it is amazingly slow. I'll probably try running it on Saturn to see how far that gets.

I also have to swap the Jupiter disk into the PII/350, and maybe I'll do the Saturn reboot into XP to offload all the photos from the camera at the same time.

Incidentally the 40Gb disk which Brendan couldn't get going for XP appears to work fine so far with Linux on it. I'll use it as secondary storage in Jupiter until I reasonably trust it.

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