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And now for something completely different

A brief experiment: run saturn in Windows, and do anything worth doing through Exceed.

Why? Well, because with Alex's arrival, we will be wanting to get the photos from the digital camera much more frequently and quickly than I usually do it, and this is an operation best done from Windows (thank you Sony). Also, if we do get more into Digital Video (which we just might) then Windows is the place to do it from.

And why Exceed, and not CygWin? Well, because while CygWin works acceptably well for console applications, the X implementation is absurdly slow. And I happen to have Exceed, as well as some moderately useful gnu unix-like tools for the Windows CMD line.

So far, I have run into some problems:

  • Diablo doesn't run (still/again)
  • the only Linux computer available is Jupiter, and Jupiter is gosh-dog-slow
  • I hate the Windows interface, and the mix-n-match nature of Exceed does little to sooth me
  • I miss OpenWindows and Ximian. (See complaint about Jupiter, above.)
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