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0.5.2a Reloaded

So just for a lark I exported the SnipSnap database, created a virgin install, and then imported the database back in. Took for ever. But it appears to have addressed my filed bug #294 about the display of the configuration items.

Now I'm tediously creating a Meta-Index page, which involves creating top-level pages for each namespace I've (occasionally inadvertently) created. One possible bug is that namespaces are case-sensitive on creation, and case-insensitive on search or lookup.

So if I create:

ExampleNamespace/Another Test

and then have an exampleNamespace snip with a {snip-tree:exampleNamespace}, I get:

- exampleNamespace
 - Test
- ExampleNamespace
 - Another Test

I also cannot create exampleNamespace/Another Test while ExampleNamespace/Another Test exists.

Just for yucks, I filed it as a bug and created an example on

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