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Diablo II: The Time Of Wasting

So the ladder for V1.10 got reset. This means that my barbarian and freshly minted druid are now merely Expantion Characters and no longer Ladder Expantion Characters. The druid was only level 12 or 15 so he got dumped. The barbarian, Shiny McAxe, is in the 50s (even though he's stalled on Nightmare Act II Quest VI) and so I feel somewhat more reluctant to just delete him. In the interum, though, I've started a Necromancer on the Ladder.

One thing which is kind of interesting is that the loot drops have taken a somewhat steep downward trend since the ladder reset. Good drops are fewer and farther between, while average drops are not particularly interesting. Add to this the general downward tooling of the Necromancer skill set in V1.10, and running a Creature Feature Necromancer is more difficult than it used to be.

I'm tired these days and so my enthusiasm for the game is somewhat at a low ebb right now.

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