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Power Event

Lost power for almost 60 minutes this morning. After about five minutes we had a momentary burst. So I decided that I should shut down the systems manually rather than let the battery just run out.

140 days of uptime gone, just like that.

In other news, Jim came over and we got one of his $25 suns going. The other one is probing the floppy drive for some reason, of course it is the one with the two CPUs. We got the Axil going, a single 200MHz system with half a gig of RAM.

We tried copying the Solaris CD I have but EasyCD Creator errored out on it. This doesn't suprise me much as I believe it isn't an ISO, more as an image of a hard disk device with slices. So I somehow doubt that copying it worked.

Jim also talked about a wireless access point. That might be handy given the new laptops coming will have a wireless function. Jenn will want a wireless card for hers, but we can cross that bridge if we come to it.

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