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Happy Anniversary

Four years of wedded bliss as of today. And the best part is, most of the time we both are still glad we did it.

I thought ahead this year. I scheduled a filling. Well, not so much a filling as a let's hope it is just a filling but we will have to dig around once we get in there dental visit. I got lucky -- just a bad filling that is likely to fall out at some point because it is in a bad location. And, at 34 years of age, it is a bit of a mark of pride that this is the first one I have had. And (these are too many ands) this one was only due to the bad placement of one wisdom tooth.

The X-rays seem to indicate that there is still a chunk of wisdom-tooth in my jaw. The dentist says that technically we should go back in and get it, but we can wait and see if it will cause any trouble.

I had to ask the dentist if he'd the procedure done. He said yes, eleven fillings, and even had undergone a filling replacement without the freezing. Dunno if he was bragging or what, but it sure gives him credibility when he says this will hurt and/or that won't hurt. He did a good job, even estimating the freezing practically perfectly -- three hours fifty five minutes after he injected it, I could feel an extremely sharp drop-off in the freezing effect.

So it looks like Tylenol will be my friend of choice for the next day or so.

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