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Ego Boost

Kind of timely, what with the curling application thing I filled out yesterday… one of the guys I curl with on Saturdays has emailed me and offered me a position on his Tuesday/Thursday competitive team as a second. That is a real ego booster that my skills are considered good enough for that level of play. It makes me sad that I have to turn him down, playing with him has been a lot of fun in the past, even if we disagree on strategy points.

At the same time, I've had to turn down the Saturday group as well. Wednesday is costing me 2 months of my 'allowance', Saturday would be another month. And to be honest I feel bad about being at work away from Jenn all week, being away Saturday as well would make things worse. The Saturday timing is bad because it kills most of the day. You can't do much before you have to go out to the club, and then by the time you get home and eat lunch it is 3PM before you can do anything further.

Like I told Jenn yesterday, I feel that my place is with the family, at least some of the time.

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