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Why Kick Caffeine?

...uh, good question. I used to be dependant on the stuff, requiring at least one can of pop per day. Since the wisdom teeth have been extracted, though, I've gone pretty much caffeine-free. Why then? Because I had Tylenol-3 painkillers at my disposal, and after three days caffeine-free I decided to push on.

One of my associates was ranting about this C2, low-carb Coke substitute marketed by Coke. We joked that it was actually a low-cal twelve pack because it came in packages of 8. Now while the packaging is clearly an attempt to disguise the extra premium you are paying for the stuff, the stuff itself is a clear attempt to appeal to the Atkin's crowds who believe in the low-carb lifestyle. This associate of mine couldn't understand why people even bothered.

Having given up caffeine, I am now probably the only purchaser of my local grocery store's supply of caffeine-free Coke. Why do I drink it? Because I like the taste. It isn't real coke (or even coke classic, yuk yuk) but it is an approximation that is close enough that I will forget the differences over time.

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