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Disintegrating Formula One

So here is how things stack up today:
  • Jaguar Ford is quitting at the end of the year. If they can't find a buyer, they fold.
  • If they fold, Jordan is in trouble because they use Cosworth engines, which is effectively Ford.
  • Renault is now 'reviewing their involvement'.
  • Honda has an 'out' clause in their three year contract with BAR (this being the source of Mr. Button's attempted move to Williams).
  • BMW is threatening to withdraw if the smaller engine regulations are forced on constructors.
  • Minardi is on the verge of collapse, but this isn't really anything new.
  • Toyota won't stand for much more of the lack of return-on-investment.
  • Canada's inclusion on the calendar is year-to-year, based on the ability to raise an absurd amount of money to compensate the tobacco-sponsored teams for their losses.
  • Silverstone has been removed from the provisional calendar for 2005 because of money concerns.
  • Discussions indicate San Marino is at risk of beind dropped.
Amusing: BMW is insisting that 'traditional' circuits remain a part of the Formula One schedule, such as Imola, Spa, Silverstone, and Nurburgring. Amusing because even I remember when the modern Nurburgring was a new circuit, added as a dodge to get Germany a second race in the same way that Imola grants Italy a second race a year.
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