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The Iceman Cometh

First game of the year last night, a short-notice call-up. It took me three ends to find anything close to approximating tight guard weight. I think I blew my first five rocks completely out the back side of the sheet with absolutely no sweeping. Once the weight came back, things started to improve. I was only asked for two hits all night, and made them both. This is why I want to play lead -- I can hit, I need the practise to make my draws. We did OK, the end result being a tie. Our skip says that he thinks last night's opponents were among the better teams in the Monday night, so he thinks they will do well this draw. I'll probably be playing with them at least half the time, so it is encouraging that we have good prospects.

Back on the ice tomorrow at nine for the Wednesday night league. Three of us are the same as Mondays, which is also good.

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