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So much news

Ooh, so much has happened in the last couple of days.
  • I was at a customer site yesterday, and the power went out for two hours. Lots of important standing around waiting for the power to come back, and we got to eat all the ice cream in the cafeteria because they were about to throw it all out. Exciting stuff when the power got restored, as the most important machine in this building, the one which has to be booted first, fails with exciting disk errors when we try to start it up.
  • The Subaru's listing got published. My brother came by today and did a really good cleanup of the car, it looks great. So it will live in the garage until it sells now.
  • I moved Saturn down to be Jupiter, and so far everything's worked correctly. Well, for phase one of the project everything is good; I have not moved to phase two just yet. Phase two involves using the old K6-2/350 as a Windows box for the CD-RW and printer, with the disk straight out of Saturn. I somehow doubt this will work as well as the installation of the Jupiter disks in the P3-700.
  • I can't get the new laptop to use the 17" monitor on my desk correctly. The desktop size is correct; the color depth is correct; however I am forced to peer through a 640x480 window, panning around the desktop. And there's no documentation on this problem to be found anywhere. Worse than useless.
  • I played briefly with eGroupware, and now WordPress, on the web host. eGroupware isn't necessary because the new Jupiter runs it quickly enough to be useful, while WordPress is frustrating for other reasons.
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