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A Week With Crossover

So after a week with Crossover Office, I find myself simultaneously impressed while unwilling to actually pay for the thing. Why?
  • my employer insists on Office 2003, which Crossover Office doesn't (yet) support. Office XP is good, just not good enough.
  • crossover's Internet Explorer doesn't work with all plug-ins, such as for example the nasty web management thing that our Cisco switch (the most important switch in the world) requires us to use.
  • I just don't need Office that often. (Thus far, I've brought it up to demonstrate to people what it can do probably 5x as much as I've actually worked with it.)
One of the downsides of such a solution is that even if you solve 90% of the problem (which, in my opinion, Crossover has done for me) it does little to encourage a permanent transition because the remaining 10% of the problem gains a kind of exaggerated pain to it when it rears it's head. In our case, the Cisco lack of support was discovered when we were having a switch problem, and with all the pressure on us to correct the issue, the 15 minutes I spent fooling around with Crossover and IE and the Cisco plugin destroyed a lot of the good feelings I had received from Crossover thus far.

I think that to solve my particular problem it would be less hassle to use a Remote Desktop to a terminal server, or some kind of VMWare solution, which addresses the complaints that I have here.

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