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TCPRunner is an excessively named perl script wrapped around tcpdump. To wit:


while(1) { $now=time; print "Listening at $now:"; `tcpdump -c 2000 -w $now.eth not host`; }

The idea being that this script saves the majority of traffic which does not involve the listening system in manageable bite-sized chunks. Said chunks can then be examined with ethereal or something else.

The logic behind the exclusion is that usually I'm running this remotely and I don't really need to see all my ssh packets showing up in the stream. You could do whatever you like with the tcpdump filtering system; this is merely an example.

Future enhancements could include

  • a reasonable front-end with command-line parsing
  • a separate thread that would periodically wake up and remove any chunks older than a certain interval, or in excess of any top number of chunks.
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