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This is a test node, one of many which will get created in the near future no doubt and will cause no end of trouble down the road as they clutter up the database.


This is a heading

This is a sub heading

This is also a sub heading

This is a major heading again.

And another subheading.

  1. This is an item in a list
  2. This is also an item in a list
  1. This is a second list
  2. This is another item in the second list
There is some text…
  1. And then a third list. Note that you can't use line breaks in list items because that breaks the flow of the list. This makes the available formatting tools a little weak, although it is a bit simpler than HTML for this kind of thing. Personally, though, I like what HTML brings to the table -- I think that I will constantly want to do things which are possible with HTML, but not with this.
  2. This is another item in the third list. There is only one line break between the two items.
.      Anchor
..     Anchor
…    Anchor
..     Anchor
....   Anchor
..     Anchor
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This is a collection of techical information, much of it learned the hard way. Consider it a lab book or a /info directory. I doubt much of it will be of use to anyone else.

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