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Baby Farm Friends Bowling

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Baby Farm Friends Bowling

Earlyears, 18-48 months

Toy consists of six plush pins plus a soft ball. Each pin has a head of an animal on the top and a number sewn on the front. Each pin has one of three jingle sound generators inside it, for a total of two of each jingle sound. Ball has a jingle sound generator inside it.

Designed play: set up pins, child rolls or throws balls at pins and knocks them down. This is a participation toy, where the designed play is really only feasable with adult participation (retrieving and resetting the pins and returning the ball to the child).

In our particular instance, one of the pins does not jingle, and the ball is sufficiently far from round that it will not roll in anything even approximating a straight line.

Alex received this toy at 12 months, and it was a bit advanced for him. He did figure out that the ball was easy to throw, and from that he has figured out that all sorts of other things are easy to throw. The pins generate only a passing interest at the moment (18 months) however he will periodically carry one around and chew on it. He shows no interest in throwing the ball at the pins; he is too active to stay in one place long enough to figure out the mechanics of the game.

The ball is definitely popular and has been used as part of other games.

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