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Block Train

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Block Train

Fisher Price/Mattel, 1 year +

This is a member of the Peek-a-Blocks family.

The train is packaged with 13 Peek-a-Blocks.

The train has a motor in it: it can move the "engineer" platform up and down while spinning the turntable; if the child presses the smoke stack top, it does the above while propelling the train slowly forward. It also plays one of a small selection of electronic tunes while doing so.

The train itself is very heavy and makes a good noise when thrown/dropped. The motor in the toy seems to be the standard-issue Fisher Price motor (very mechanically noisy). Goes through batteries fairly quickly too.

Alex showed a brief interest in pushing the toy back and forth, but it got easilly marooned under sofas and other furniture, and he stopped playing with it. The back door of the trailer snaps off very easilly.

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