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Fisher Price/Mattel, 1 year +

The premise is simple: sturdy plastic blocks with a wide variety of objects inside them, some of which are visually interesting, some of which make interesting noises, and some of which have items which can be identified (ie airplanes or fish).

This is one of my biggest mis-steps. I thought they would be great because they were just slightly too big for Alex to manipulate when he was introduced to them (around 8 months old) and they were filled with a huge variety of stimulating objects or sound-generators.

Sadly, Alex was never particularly interested in them. Once he could grasp and manipulate them he showed much more interest in other blocks and toys. Even though he has a wide variety of blocks (around 30) he has never showed a particular interest in the contents of the blocks. They don't stack particularly sturdilly or easilly, so he stacks other toys.

This is definitely a case where daddy likes the toy better than the child does.

Specific toys:

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