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Super Shapes Dump Truck

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Super Shapes Dump Truck

International Playthings 12 months +

This toy suffers a bit from the how many features can we pack into one toy syndrome:

  • it is a truck
  • it has a removable driver figure
  • it has four sorting shapes which through their own holes into the back of the truck
  • each sorting shape has spring-loaded components to turn the shape into something else (eg: the circle turns into a duck)
  • each hole, as well as the driver seat, horn, three buttons on the dumper roof, buttons on each side of the dumper, and dump lever all generate their own (borderline annoying) electronic noises
When we picked it I didn't realize it had batteries.

We found the sorting shapes a bit flimsy (that said they all still work properly after 8 months of play). The truck is very heavy but very rugged. The shipped batteries are still working 10 months after delivery.

Alex enjoys pushing all the buttons to make the noises and he enjoys putting things in the dumper, although he finds the dumper door at the back difficult to operate and to get things out through. He also occasionally rolls the truck around.

This is a pretty good toy.

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