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Travel Guppy

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Travel Guppy

Lamaze, Birth +

The instance we have is slightly different from what is pictured; we have a plastic seahorse tied to the tail of the toy instead of the rings.

The fringe on the bottom of the toy are of varying textures. The body components are also of varying textures. The tail and upper fringe have crinkly plastic inside them so they make an attractive noise when the child plays with it. The ball in the center is a spinner filled with little plastic pellets.

This is a fantastic toy, I can't say enough good things about it. It was one of the first toys we gave to Alex, resting it upright next to him when he was only lying around on the sofa next to us. The toy is visually attractive, and Alex would stare at it and wave his hands at the various parts of it. It was a favorite toy for a long time, and served as a lure when we were trying to encourage him to learn to crawl.

At 18 months, he is not really playing with it as a specific toy any more. It is more something that he can haul out of the toychest and throw somewhere. He has probably outgrown it.

We never used it in the car.

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