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So, a pair of updates of sorts:

First, at home:


This is abnormally clean, I actually went over it and did a cleanup recently because the piles of paper were just getting to me. And yes, that is still the 2010 Ferrari calendar.

Then, the new office at the office:


I opted for a repurposed lab desk rather than the aircraft-carrier sized "office" desk that was on offer. (The rest of the staff takes this as (more) proof that I'm a weirdo.) This has the side-effect of making my one-person office into a one-and-a-half-person office since there's a lot of floor space that I leave unused. We've added a "hotelling" desk so that if there is some overflow there is a place for someone to sit. Hopefully that doesn't become a regular use.

As far as the desk goes, the plan is to use the upper tier for switch and firewall lab work, and so far the plan is working out pretty well. I also find that limiting the amount of desk real-estate is an excellent way to reduce the amount of clutter that accumulates on it. I'll probably thin out even more stuff as I go.

The photo frame on the left is actually an old digital photo frame we acquired from somewhere, this seemed like a good use for it. If you reduce all the photos to 1024x768 JPGs you can get a ton of pictures on a 512MB stick -- which is probably really all a 512MB stick is good for these days anyways.

There's also another shelf just on the top of this picture which has boxes of things that I've accumulated over the years, probably most of which can be tossed. But I'm a packrat, so stay it does.

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