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Everybody's Wishlists

Last updated November 2007


Alex wears size 3 to 4 clothing
  • Playmobile toys
  • Little Critters Dollhouse
  • Marble run sets
  • Playdoh
  • pyjamas
  • therapy room equiptment: padded mats, 4'x4' mirror


Nathan currently wears size 9m to 12m
  • warm booties
  • the usual age 0 to 1 toys
  • Bumbo seat
  • baby dishes (to eat from, not play with)
  • pyjamas


  • Game: Scotland Yard
  • FM Transmitter for Ipod Nano
  • Amazing Spiderman Trade Paperbacks
  • Batman trade paperbacks
  • DVD: Spiderman 3
  • DVD: Music and Lyrics
  • CD: Daughtry (self titled)
  • CD: Celine Dion: Taking Chances
  • GC: Addition Elle, Chapters


  • Game: Carcassone expansion sets
  • Senators hockey tickets
  • GC: Tiptop, Future Shop, Chapters
  • DVD: WKRP season 2
  • Music: David Gilmore, On an Island
  • Book: Time Management for System Administrators (Thomas A. Limoncelli)
  • Book: Phil Gordon's Little Green Book
  • Book: Phil Hellmuth's Texas Hold'em
  • Book: Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide (Michael Zarnock)
  • Book: Hot Wheels: A Warman's Companion (Michael Zarnock)
  • Goon Shows (see my list of goons that I already have)
  • HotWheels
  • Display case for Hot Wheels (>>this is what I have already; I would like something similar) (pardon the cat)

The family in general

  • Storage bins for toys

Search Bait

This sentence is here so that if somebody looks for wishlist instead of wishlists, they will find this page.

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