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wxPython can't find GStreamer

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$ / --prefix=/CAD/common/python/2.7.3

(...) checking for CAIRO… yes checking for GST… configure: WARNING: GStreamer 0.10 not available, falling back to 0.8 checking for GST… configure: WARNING: GStreamer 0.8/0.10 not available. configure: error: GStreamer not available Error running configure ERROR: failed building wxWidgets Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 329, in <module> wxbuild.main(wxscript, build_options) File "/home/rfriedri/oss/wxPython-src-", line 270, in main "Error running configure") File "/home/rfriedri/oss/wxPython-src-", line 35, in exitIfError raise builder.BuildError, msg BuildError


In $WXROOT/build/tools/, edit and change the switch for mediactrl to --disable-mediactrl

You might have to blow your source tree away and regenerate from source first; when I did this, the subsequent build complained about wanting a make distclean to be run but I couldn't figure out exactly where it wanted that to be run.

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